Sangam Adhikari

I am an enthusiastic, self-motivated, self-taught, reliable, dynamic, and hardworking individual with experience in Web designing & development, Application Development, Blogging, and Graphics Programming with a proven track record of efficiency and accuracy.

I have developed good planning & organizational skills and I am confident working independently or as part of a team. I am also able to work well under pressure and adhere to strict deadlines.

What I Do

App Development

The majority of the time people spend on mobile devices is in apps; Most mobile users are consistently downloading new apps they find interesting or helpful. Constructing a mobile strategy is a necessity & building an app for your business is on the same path of importance. Note that in 2018, 90 per cent of companies in a 200-company survey planned to increase their mobile app investments in 2019. Considering a mobile app isn’t a suggestion – it’s imperative.

Web Design & Development

You need to be up to date with the rapid changes in the field. It has changed significantly within the last few years, thanks to the rise of Smartphones and other mobile technology. Now it’s necessary to ensure your websites are created with responsive design. This means the website can be properly viewed on a screen of any size and it should load quickly on any device.

Photo Editing

Human beings are aesthetic and love beautiful things so much. Photographers always want to shoot photos correctly. Yet, They are not able to take perfect pictures with their cameras and take the help of photo editing to edit them. Through photo editing, people can utilize their photos according to their requirements.

Graphic Design

Anything that needs to be communicated that cannot be done verbally must be put into some form of design that gets a message across. Stop reading this blog post for a second and look around you. The pack of gum on your desk, the magazine cover, the cute saying on your coffee mug, and even the typeface in a TV ad are all examples of graphic design. Graphic design is a massive part of your everyday life, and you probably barely notice it, but imagine life without it, and it would be a strange world indeed.


Aren't you tired of boring,low-effort blog posts? I know you are. If you want to grab attention online and turn your readers into high-value costumers; you need articles that excite your audience, not send them to sleep. I write high-quality blogs, researched and shareable articles, tailored to meet your brand's choice and reader's interests.

Video Editing

Editing a video is much the same as 'editing' anything else. When you write an essay you will take parts out or change them to make them better. You might edit your holiday photos and remove the boring ones, leaving only the good shots. That, in a nutshell, is video editing.


My Experience


LA Secondary School

Primary education

LA Secondary School was established in 1985 AD with the aim of assuring quality education. It is situated in New Road, Pokhara and has been running classes from Nursery to Grade XI with more than 700 students.

Bal Mandir Secondary School

Secondary Education

Bal Mandir Secondary School came into existence in 1967 AD and is a non-profit motive government-run community-based institution dedicated to providing dynamic education that challenges students’ mind, body, and spirit. The school has envisioned a world in which every student can pursue a life long gift of education to meet the challenges of a global society.

Janapriya Multiple Campus (Science & Technology)

Higher Secondary education

Janapriya Multiple Campus was established in public participation in 1991 AD and is affiliated to TU and NEB. It is a non-profit organization with board objectives of supporting the development of skilled and dynamic human resources to meet the challenges of education in the 21st century in various sectors.

Prithvi Narayan Campus (B.Sc.CSIT)

Under Graduation

B.Sc.CSIT The bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology is a 4 year semester program offered by IOST, TU. This program was designed to to provide knowledge in the sector of field of information technology and computer. More section of this program is practical and project works which can be applied to real world. This cource develops the skill that are of both computer professionals and IT specialists.

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My Works
A wild Lizzo

A wild Lizzo

Begnas Lake Wilderness

Begnas Lake Wilderness

A rear looking Bulldog

A rear looking Bulldog

Cutie Puppy

Cutie Puppy






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